The Fertility Awareness iPhone app for serious women

What it does

Selene is an iPhone app to help you chart your ovulatory cycles simply, powerfully and beautifully. Track basal body temperature, cervical fluid, and other signs to know when you're fertile and when you ovulate. Get more control naturally, whether you're trying to conceive or trying not to!

  • Record basal body temperature (BBT) in °F or °C, with one or two decimal places
  • Record cervical fluid, position, and menstrual flow
  • Just tap to add common notes like sickness, ovulation pain, intercourse, or test kit results
  • Track anything you want with custom notes, and choose from over a hundred colourful icon options
  • Automatic detection of your fertile and infertile days: see your ovulation day marked on your chart, with peak day and cover lines computed for you
  • See what days you're most likely to get pregnant, and what days you're most likely safe
  • "Ask an Expert" prepaid referral service
  • Auto-save means you'll never lose a temperature at 6am
  • Swipe quickly from cycle to cycle and tap any day to edit
  • Calendar view with estimates of your upcoming periods and ovulation days
  • Historical log of cycles with calendar dates, cycle length, ovulation date, and luteal phase
  • Email your records to yourself or your doctor
  • Supports Fertility Awareness Method, Natural Family Planning and symptothermal methods, as described in books like Taking Charge of Your Fertility
  • Questions or support issues answered by email (

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How to get it

Selene is now available! Download it from the App Store and try it FREE for 30 days.

Download Selene from the App Store
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We're a small and dedicated husband-and-wife team, and we love to hear what you think of our work -- even if there's something you wish we did differently! Tell Sara or Colin what you're thinking, and we'll get back to you right away.


Will it teach me how to measure my signs?

Selene is intended as a simple, powerful, and beautiful tool for women who already understand how to chart their own fertility. If you want to learn, we highly recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler.

What else do I need?

You'll need a basal body thermometer, that reads to at least two decimal places (Celsius), or one decimal place (Fahrenheit). Normal fever thermometers are probably not accurate enough, and are optimized for the wrong range of temperatures.

See the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.