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These pages are obsolete, superseded by my new blog.

Some day this all may acquire a purpose (sort of in the way a bathtub acquires a ring), but for now this is pretty much a random dump of stuff that I wrote and/or links to things that amuse me. Also, my mother likes the pictures.

Featured Randomness

  • A start at a journal (most recent new entry: <%= [ns_fmttime [file mtime [ns_url2file "/roald/journal/index.html"]] "%Y %B %e"] %>).
  • Check out the infamous .plan, in development since 1993 (last updated: <%= [ns_fmttime [file mtime [ns_url2file "/roald/plan.html"]] "%Y %B %e"] %>).
  • I've been keeping a booklist for a whole year now. (last updated: <%= [ns_fmttime [file mtime [ns_url2file "/roald/books.html"]] "%Y %B %e"] %>).

Photo Album

[Colin @ Pfeiffer Beach]

Travel Reports

[Darth Mingo]
 Monterey and NASFiC, August 1999 
[BBQ Today]
 Big Sur and San Luis Obispo, July 1999 
  • Short version: Pfeiffer Beach, camping at the lookoff, Pride SLO, barbeque at the minimall, missing missions and hidden wineries.
Older reports: Yosemite NP and Mono Lake (June 1999) | Spain and Morocco (Sept/Oct 1998).

Other Stuff

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So, there's a few of you out there who've asked me to let you know when I put new stuff on this page. Since I'm thinking of doing this anyway, I figure I might as well let anyone sign up.
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