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1999 August 11: The last one to go

Things like this are why it's hard to give up science.

I found this today in the Stanford Report, in an article on Hopkins Marine Station.

        WRITTEN by a Japanese civilian hangs on the wall of
        the Agassiz building at Hopkins in Pacific Grove. On
        Sept. 2, 1945, a U.S military unit found the message
        posted on the door of the University of Tokyo Marine
        Biological Station located at a midget submarine base
        in Moroisi Ko, Japan:
        "This is a marine biological station with her history of
        over sixty years. If you are from the Eastern Coast,
        some of you might know Woods Hole or Mt Desert or
        Tortugas. If you are from the West Coast you may
        know Pacific Grove or Puget Sound Biological Station.
        This place is a place like one of these. Take care of this
        place and protect the possibility for the continuation of
        our peaceful research. You can destroy weapons and
        war instruments but save the civil equipments for
        Japanese students. When you are through with your job
        here notify to the university and let us come back to our
        scientific home. The last one to go, KATSUMA DAN."

        U.S. troops left the station intact.

(Retroactively posted 99/08/18)

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