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1999 December 15 : Time management

Sheesh. I've been meaning to write this journal entry for ages (or three weeks, whichever comes first). It's not even really the job that's stopping me, but the fact that I had a very interesting weekend at LosCon over Thanksgiving and wanted to write it up properly, but could never seem to find time for the kind of essay that required, so I haven't gotten around to writing anything at all. It's perverse.

That, and I've gotten seriously addicted to Alpha Centauri. That hasn't helped. I'd also probably have gotten over this damn cold a lot faster if I hadn't stayed up til 4 am every night this weekend.

I'm going to be on the plane this Saturday going to Boston, and I'll have a laptop with me. I'll try to catch up properly then. And in the meantime, I'm going to stop letting vague obligation stop me from writing shorter entries on other topics.

I'm sure you're all glad to know that.

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