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<%=$date%> : Fjordlands, macaroni, and chinstraps

Those are kinds of penguins. There will be a test later. <% cr_cdots %> My co-workers in San Francisco have discovered these pages . . . they gave me a hard time about them last night. (The guys in Boston have pretty much known about them all along -- HB admitted to having read them before hiring me.)

Last night turned out to be a Revbox night out -- I guess Jim and Gautam and Victoria and I'm not sure who else put in a lot of hours on the weekend putting together documentation for investors, and were in the mood for a bit of celebration. So we hit Grumpy's for beer and Figaro's for Italian. I'm all in favour of doing that kind of thing a lot more often. <% cr_cdots %> Hump time for the exercise program. I'm a little more than a month in and have run out of momentum from my intial drive. Now, I think, is when we figure out how hard it will be to keep it going this time.

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